Miari Testimonials


Tracy Farrell - Client

Hi, my name is Tracy Farrell and I have only had good experiences since joining the Miari family. I purchased my Arab gelding, Leo, only two years before moving to the Miari facility and had just learned to ride him one year before that. Leo is my first horse and I am 40 years old. I only rode trail horses Dressage was a discipline that has always interested me, so when it came time to leave our first barn (my Mother and I both board at Miari), Miari offered distinct advantages. Miari is conveniently located in Olympia where I live, and is a short 5 mile drive from my house. I immediately started taking lessons from Nicki and find her to be a talented and insightful teacher. Not to mention she is very patient. She has helped me through being a \"green rider with a green horse\" and has given me the support and confidence I needed to consider trying a recongnized show at the training level this upcoming season. She has gone out of her way over the last 18 months to call me after a schooling show, design a lesson for me and my horse that helps us both improve, and constantly makes kind gestures that helps me feel valued when it would be really easy to be too busy. All of the women around the barn are kind, helpful, happy and tolerant.. Immediately we felt welcome. The rules are always clear or communicated if any mistakes are made, and there is acceptance of all levels of riding and accomplishment. Everyone is helpful and when I have had a hard time figuring out how to manage Leo, there is someone to talk me through it or dust me off. I cannot say enough about the staff caring for the horses. Each horse is handled appropriately and given the special attention that gives an owner confidence that their pride and joy is in good hands. I also feel that the staff goes above and beyond the call in making our experience at Miari pleasant and unstressful. I often see Kari riding her horses and training other peoples\' horses and it is a pleasure to observe. She is respectful and extremely competent. When giving lessons she is skilled, patient and challenges you at your level. I have only recently taken one lesson from Kari and it was a fun experience. However, even before I had taken lessons from her she was more than willing to answer my questions or talk me through a difficult time. I never feel "in the way", which for a new and inexperienced rider just adds to the fun.


Haley Sanders - Client

Miari is a unique place, as a beginner, I feel welcome, comfortable and supported while being surrounded by really great and accomplished riders.


Kimberly Tebrugge - Client

Thanks to my military career, I've ridden with some great instructors all over the country--but nothing compares to the experience I've found at Miari. The whole atmosphere is a sense of family and teamwork. The Miari team goes out of their way to help each other reach their highest potential, even to the point of sharing upper level horses so riders can practice the feel of the movements in lessons, or get their scores for medals at shows. Even the horses seem more relaxed and obedient in an environment where you're motivated--not pushed--to meet high expectations. I never dreamed of finding such a sense of 'home' for my daughters and I at a top performing barn.


Jenniferr Madden - a miari rider

I have been at Miari for the past two and a half years. Although I have ridden and had horses most of my life, I had stopped riding due to a bad experience and feared I would never ride again. Someone recommended I contact Kari McClain, and it was some of the best advice I have ever gotten. She has worked patiently and kindly to restore my confidence and build my ability with plain speaking and dry wit, and the occasional pep talk when needed. She is a truly dedicated and talented teacher of people as well as their horses. Assistant Trainer Nichole Charbonneau is also wonderfully talented and very positive in her mindset. I have found it very beneficial to have two such dedicated individuals to learn from. I also can't say enough about the overall mindset of the "Miari Riders". I have never met such a positive, encouraging, friendly group of fellow equestrians. I always look forward to my time at the barn :)